Alumne autor de la ficha: Marta Rodriguez

About Erretres:

Erretres is a consulting firm focused on identity and design, founded in 2002 by Pablo Rubio Ordás in Madrid. They believe in design as an asset that needs to be included within the strategy of any company. They consider it the driving force that guarantees the success of our products and services.

Products & services:

Branding Brand strategy Brand architecture Corporate identity Naming Design consulting Design and brand optimization Corporate editorial design Corporate spaces Corporate typography Corporate manuals Packaging Design and optimization Software & music packaging Interior and  Environmental Design Space & interior design Information design Signage Events Retail Museums Stands

Editorial projects Complete editorial services Editorial design Editing and editorial production Publication guidelines Art direction Corporate books Annual reports Exhibition catalogs Guides and collector’s editions Magazines Communication Advertising Campaigns Online communication Catalogs Posters Internet & Apps eBranding Corporate websites Interactive websites Interfaces Mobile applications eCommerce



Taberna Arzábal

Naming, Strategy, Branding


Lovnis is the new renovation project of the owners at Taberna Arzábal, reborn as a reformulation in quality of the traditional Spanish combination plate. Erretres developed the naming, visual identity and all its applications.
The creative concept is a result of the sum of love for quality gastronomy, combination plates (in Spanish: “platos”) and flying saucers (“platillos”), and positions the kitchen as the control center of all the elements which conforms to the concept.

Erretres developed the entire creative concept as well as the story-telling behind the project. The visual identity is expressed as a combination of pieces similar to a computer keyboard. The developed applications are implemented from the corporate stationery to the waiters’ uniforms, to the menus and the creative management of the interior design.


El Terrat

Branding, Communication


Casa Terrat is an initiative that was created by El Terrat production company to transform the Teatro Arteria Paral·lel in Barcelona into a multidisciplinary reference point for comedy and the dissemination of knowledge. Erretres received the commission to design its brand identity and its subsequent application to different mediums.

The shape of the brand was inspired directly by the emblematic octogonal blocks that form part of the urban planning model designed by Cerdà for Barcelona’s Eixample.

The fusion of the “C” from “Casa” and “T” from “Terrat” we find the symbol and the essence of the Casa Terrat: a space that is a venue for the culture of humor, in which comedians and their audiences relate to one another, in wich the stage (T) fuses together with the auditorium (C). For the brand, the stage (T) wouldn’t exist without the audience (C). One shape is included in the other, each makes up the other.


La Fábrica

Publishing, Books


La Fábrica’s Obras MAestras (Masterpieces) is a deluxe edition collection of a large format monographic books that offer a thorough analysis on the life and work of the most important Spanish contemporary photographers. The collection, which was created in 2009, is published every six months.

Each volume of the series includes a carefully illustrated chronology and a collection of essays. Typographies used in the collection are Galaxie, Copernicus, Galacie Polaris and Knockout. They are hardback books covered with cloth and a French fold dust jacket with stamping.



Multimedia, Websites


Camper is a prestigious Spanish shoe brand recognized worldwide for their focus on quality and design, and with presence in over 30 countries around the world. Erretres has developed different promotional campaigns for them.

Camper Together was an iniciative carried out in collaboration with prestigious industrial designers who designed unique products and stores for Camper.

CANAL+ Spain

Prisa TV

Strategy, branding


The pay television satellite network, is a brand that has evolved into a worldwide reference for quality, originality and ambition in terms of content. Its commitment to technology has made it possible to bring this product to any time and place, “where and whenever you want”, thereby creating an intense and personalized experience.

Erretres faced the challenge of renewing the brand’s connection with its audience through a completely new identity. Its objective is to transmit the differential experience enjoyed by CANAL+ users, through their own points of view.

This project is rooted in the need to take this platform’s five million users and place them at its core, making them its protagonists.


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